End of COVID-19 restrictions

We are excited to welcome everyone back to Potton Club however we understand that some of you may still have concerns and want to be cautious when visiting the club and we want to support you in coming back safely.

  • Hand sanitiser is still available and highly recommended on entry.
  • All of our COVID-19 hygiene protocols will remain in place.
  • If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask at any time during your visit, please feel free to do so.
  • Respect other peoples space. If others want to continue social distancing, please allow them to do so.
  • Not everyone wants a hug and a kiss just yet, please respect others choices… elbows and fist bumps are still perfectly acceptable.
  • Do not stand at the bar on busy nights, please allow others plenty of space to get their drinks.
  • If you have any symptoms or have been told to self isolate, please stay away until safe.
  • Staff have been given the option to continue wearing masks however it is entirely their choice so please respect their decision.