Potton Clubs premises have a rich history in the community,

The building was originally constructed in 1930 for use as a technical school for children of all ages by Potton Charities Educational Foundation.

There were a number of charities and organisations involved that predate the building of the school itself and they can be tracked back as far as the 1850’s as seen on commemorative stones included in the building.

With the opening of the Potton Lower School on Everton Rd and children over the age of 11 being schooled in Biggleswade and Sandy, the technical school became surplus to requirements in 1981.

Potton and District Club and Institute purchased the technical school in 1983, relocating from their location on Royston St.

After considerable renovations, the building was renamed ‘Charities Hall’ and reopened its doors on June 16th 1984, where it has continued to serve the local community ever since.

The information on this page has been kindly provided with the assistance and collaboration of the Potton History Society